First came the preschool
All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think.
Sir Ken Robinson

Curriculum development

  • Monthly Theme based program
  • ABL – activity based learning
  • Age Appropriate Evaluation
  • ABL activity based
  • Play Way method

Co-curriculum program

  • Drama for kids
  • Reading program / Library development

Academic Focus

  • Numeracy (Math Skills)
  • Literacy (Language Skills)
  • Environmental Science (EVS)

Global outlook

  • International Programs
  • Marshmallow Test – A Stanford study
  • Brain Quest – developing brain capacity
  • Piaget’s Stages of Child Development

Teacher’s training program

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Story Telling session
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Teach by the Hook
  • Observations & Feedback
  • Report card preparation
  • Parents’ interaction echniques

Parent’s Interaction

  • Workshops on Diet, Academic  Progress
  • Parenting Sessions
  • Mothers Circle Talk