Golden Sparrow Hubschooling provides an online platform to learn and grow academically. The pandemic has shown that schools may be closed but not learning. Learning continues despite the challenges.

Hubschooling is a well-thought-out program that focuses on the continuous learning and development of the student. We follow the National Learning Outcomes and prepare the students for the NIOS board examinations.

School timings: 10 am till 1 PM IST

Our pedagogy

Golden Sparrow follows the Sky Education pedagogy of using child peer learning. It has a complete school program from Pre-School till Grade 10th. The methodology is based on Harvard School of Education (HSE)’s Multiple Intelligence Theory designed by Dr. Howard Gardner.

MI theory

The salient feature of our pedagogy


The primary focus of our program is the students. The curriculum and the academic year are planned to provide maximum benefit to the students. Some of the key points:

DNA helical approach

A concept is repeated from the lower to higher grades.

Activity-based approach

The students are made to do things rather than just learn about them.

Each week, the student shall be attending synchronous and asynchronous classes. Synchronous learning involves real-time teaching online. Four core subjects shall be taught –

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Life Skills

Each student shall have 16 sessions per month (4 sessions weekly).

Teachers are well trained and constantly monitored and given specific feedback for the continuous development of the students.

Teachers Professional Workshops

The teachers are professional and we wish to build a community of parents to help us grow. We shall have parenting sessions, teacher interactions for every module. The students shall get a certificate of achievement upon the completion of each module.


The school has subjects like Life Skills, SDG, and Entrepreneurship that students would need in life.

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Computers
  • Social Studies
  • Arts
  • Business Studies
  • Sustainable Goals
  • Life Skills
  • Public Speaking

Curriculum Golden Sparrow 2023-2024

Curriculum details – classwise 2023-2024

Pandemic and the new thinking

Schools faced the ultimate TRUTH Test in the Pandemic

– High fees.
– Untrained teachers were exposed.
– No sports.
– Transport and Uniform cost challenged.
– Lack of technology awareness.

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