Students build core foundational skills in Science, Math, English, and the Arts while developing a sense of self-awareness. Abilities are monitored so the student can focus on results in academic courses while exploring electives. Grade 9 demands focus to master core concepts and progress personal achievements.

Online curriculum, progressive course options, and a personalized learning plan allows our teachers to focus on a student-centered teaching style. By offering all resources digitally, students have 24/7 access to their educational content.

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A strong understanding of the English language allows us to communicate better and understand one another with more precision, clarity, and creativity. This course exposes students to literature, language, and social culture. Throughout the course, students will complete various grammar and writing skills exercises to develop composition skills using the following topics:

  • literary devices
  • reading strategies
  • elements of style
  • writing processes


The more math you take, the more money you make. This old saying often rings true because a strong foundation in mathematics prepares students for careers in science, technology, and engineering among other important professions. This course covers concepts of algebra, geometry, and the following key mathematical concepts:

  • financial literacy
  • statistics
  • comparative measurement (e.g., linear, mass, capacity)
  • single attributes of 2D shapes and 3D objects
  • concrete or pictorial graphs as a visual tool


An understanding of scientific principles and theories allows students to better understand our position in the world and our understanding of life. This course provides students with a foundational knowledge in science and scientific methods. Some topics in this course include the following:

  • Understanding of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
    • sexual and asexual reproduction
    • periodic table
    • electricity
    • sustainability of systems

Data Entry and Computer Science

Do you find yourself wondering how your favorite apps, websites, and games were made? Maybe you want to try building your own. Well, now you can! You will learn all about the technology you use in your day-to-day life as well as explore how the internet functions. Get an introduction to the basics of computer science and discover how to create and build your very own website.
We shall also revise the basics of Computers, MS Office including functions in Spreadsheet, Mail Merge and improving our Powerpoint presentations.

Public Speaking

Gain more confidence speaking in front of people. In this course, you will learn techniques from famous speakers throughout history while learning what it takes to make a great speech. Develop skills that will serve you throughout your career and personal life.

Social Studies

Understanding where we came from provides us with a perspective on how far society has progressed and the political systems we have developed over time. This course is intended to help students understand the progress of civilization through the ages starting in the year 1750 to 1919. Topics in the course include the following:

  • SDGs and our role in it
  • political, social, economic, and technological revolutions
  • global demographic shifts, including patterns of migration and population growth
  • nationalism and the development of modern nation-states
  • local, regional, and global conflicts


Arts is the most Creative subject you can learn to enhance your learning about other Analytical subjects. Think Steve Jobs – after exiting Apple, he went on to learn Calligraphy and ended up creating Pixar. Arts will take you places.
You’ll learn about the evolution of art, the basic principles of art and design, and the role of art in politics and society. Additionally, you will actually create your own digital art and make it come alive.

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