About Us

The concept which is disruptive in the world of education, radical in its approach and the most progressive design to cater to the new normal.

Schools are relevant and will be relevant. It is a great place for peers, routine, discipline and not to mention the memories made there, that we cherish for lifetime. The classrooms are refactored and redesigned to cater to the world, the children step out to, after graduating from school. 

The whole idea is to make education and learning more relevant – for example -roman numerals are taught to connect the kids to the culture associated with it, but a child’s numeracy is not assessed with it. And English classes need to be more than just about writing essays about vacations. History classes are more about lessons learnt from the past. You need to be taught how relevant are science and geography in our lives.

Entrepreneurship, economics and legal studies can no more be kept away from education system. We need these in our lives and school students need to have a working knowledge of these.

Golden Sparrow Hubschooling enables you to educate your child at home through a live interactive session or create an educational hub in the neighborhood where children learn together. It offsets the loneliness of homeschoolers by giving them peers with whom they can connect. It brings in the advantage of ‘brick and mortar school’ where the kids can have an interactive session with the teacher, virtually.

It is a school away from school and near you. Your very local school with a global access.


To provide effective online education without neglecting sporting activities, skill development and interpersonal activities for the students.

Mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body.

In hubschooling we work hard to provide your kids with quality education and at the same time teach them the much needed skills of the 21st century.

How it works

Hubschooling is an online platform to learn and grow academically. The pandemic has shown that schools can be closed but not learning. Learning continues despite the challenges.

The Hub School is a well thought out program which focus on continuous learning and development of the student.

Each week, the student shall be attending synchronous and asynchronous classes. Synchronous learning involves a real time teaching online. Four core subjects shall be taught – English, Mathematics, Science and Life Skills.

Each student shall have 16 sessions per month, with 4 sessions weekly.

Teachers are well trained and constantly monitored and given feedback for the continuous child development.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Will Golden Sparrow provide any school certificate?

Yes, as a registered organization, Golden Sparrow shall provide a bona fide certificate stating the student is studying/ has studied with us. 

Q. Will the school accept the certificate provided by Golden Sparrow?

Most schools have three primary criteria for admission. Child should be at the appropriate age for the grade, should have sufficient knowledge level for the grade and a school leaving certificate. 

The certificate provided by Golden Sparrow is a recognized document under RTE Act. Being an online school, the institute does not issue UDICE number to the student.   

Q. Are students officially registered? 

Golden Sparrow registers the student under NIOS (www.nios.ac.in) for 10th Boards which is accredited under Ministry of HRD (Education) under Govt. of India. 

*NIOS stands for National Institute of Open Schooling

Q. What curriculum does Golden Sparrow follow?  

Golden Sparrow Hub Schooling follows Cambridge curriculum till Grade 8. This is the Cambridge UK (IGCSE) Board.

The student will receive a Bona fide Certificate from the registered trust here in India. This certificate would be valid for applying elsewhere or switch to a physical school in future.

Q. Where do they write their board exams?  

NIOS Board are written all over India.

In short, we select the center nearest to you in your city.

The registered center would also be the place to submit your assignments (called TMAs).

Q. What board does the student appear for the Grade 10 exams?  

Golden Sparrow Hub switches to Open Schooling from Grade 9 and 10. 

The NIOS (www.nios.ac.in) is a Government of India’s National Board on the lines of CBSE.

This Board is valid and accepted everywhere for higher studies. The choice of subjects is similar to Cambridge (including Computers, Entrepreneurship & Psychology). Currently 15 students are appearing for their Boards from NIOS for Academic year 2021-22.

Q. Can they join in 9th after they’ve studied till 8th in an unaffiliated school?

Yes they can.

Q. What about their 11th and 12th? Will they be able to join CBSE or any other schools after their 10th in NIOS?


The NIOS board is accredited and the 10th certificate is a proof and legal document for them to apply for further studies in 11th. 

NIOS also have the option to write the 12th Board exams, if the student so wishes to.

Q. What books are used at Golden Sparrow Hub Schooling?

We use books that has Cambridge Learning Outcomes. 

The current books used are Oxford International for Cambridge Primary. 

This publication has books for English, Maths, Science, Computers and Geography. 

We use Sky Education’s Life Skills series and an in house Business Studies from the Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A levels.