Who are we?

Golden Sparrow is an experiential education concept that allows creativity in students along with academic routine through Hubs and Virtual models.
The academics are student-centric with subjects from Life Skills, Entrepreneurship to Sustainable Goals (SDG).

The concept inspired by the unconventional work of the likes of Mr. Sonam Wangchuk (yes, the real one from 3 Idiots) is aimed to create a student-centric approach to learning.

The schools lack challenges and creativity. This was the key behind opening the HUB School. Among was with Russian scientists in Moscow and saw their perspective to education was completely different than ours. This sparked the idea of a Gurukul-like education system – thus the name Sone Ki Chirya aka Golden Sparrow.

The unschool program will have complete academic learning till the board exams of Grade X. These students are coached in the best of academics with subject choices from Life Skills to Business Studies, besides formal subjects such as Languages, Mathematics Application, and Sciences Exploration. They also meet CEOs and Guest speakers as their mentors.

There is discipline and rigor but in an environment conducive to learning. We are truly making the next-gen leaders and Global citizens. Exams are through quizzes, open books, extempore, experiments, and video blogs.

In a nut shell

  • Hub Schooler is an online platform to learn and grow academically.
  • Each week, the student shall be attending synchronous and asynchronous classes.
    • Synchronous learning involves real-time teaching online.
    • Asynchronous learning involves self-learning with doubt clearing sessions (only for higher grades).
  • Four core subjects shall be taught – English, Mathematics, Science, and Life Skills. Each student shall have 16 sessions per month, with 4 sessions weekly.


A place of learning that encourages creativity and blended learning that fosters the student's hidden potential.



To grow into a global education provider by using student's strength, modern technology and teacher's passion by educating one million happy families by 2030.

Our History

The Story of Our Success

We began the work in 2019 when the school education disillusioned us as parents. The idea was to create a third space for students to express themselves. A La Starbucks for Education! A chance meeting with Mr. Sonam Wangchuk (yes, the real one from 3 Idiots) at Delhi began the conviction of an idea that has germinated some time ago.



the idea started with a conversation between two friends and a blueprint for a "School on clouds" was prepared



Originally planned for March 2021, we were forced to launch in May 2020 because of huge requests from parents.


Sustained growth

Reached 150 students with a team of 15 teachers


Growth continues

Looking to teach 500 students in 2022-2023

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