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Golden Sparrow Hub Features

An Interactive Learning Experience for Students

Ever wondered what good education takes – it takes passionate teachers, willing students, new learnings, and optimizing time.

Prepare Students for the World

Prepare Students for the World – Learning with a practical approach is the correct definition of education. We prepare your child for the world.

Real Time Learning with Lifeskills and Fitness

No recorded classes, real-time learning with trained teachers, enough assignments, and activities to teach the skills of life.

Special Sessions with Guests from Various Fields

We have special sessions on chosen lifeskill subjects conducted by experts from the industry.

Age appropriate teaching as per MI Theory

Multiple intelligence bases teaching to cater to different kinds of learners. From spatial to inter personal to number smart and others.

Students Love Hub Schooling

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Our Team

Every day, we unite in doing our best to bridge the gap between those who have access to knowledge opportunities, and those who do not.
Dawood Vaid

Founder, BE, MBA, MA Edu Author – The Education Riddle. 

Cristina Pereira

Entrepreneur, Pre – Schooler, Extrovert and Team Lead

Shabana Patel

 Head of Literature &
Business Studies.

Shazia Vaid

Head of Early and primary education & a special educator.