As pupils continue to grow and progress through the School, the format of the Class Teacher teaching the Main Lesson continues. Specialist Subject Teachers also continue to deliver lessons in Languages and STEM.


Main Lesson themes continue to be delivered in a logical way, with Literacy constantly and consistently practised. Our dedicated Class Teachers continue to cultivate and encourage creative writing, good grammar and reading.

English classes continue to build on the study of grammar with the focus moving to direct and indirect speech and verb tenses. The foundations of good essay writing are forged and then applied when describing physics experiments and writing synopses of historical accounts.

In Mathematics, further detail is explored through the development of algebraic formulas and equations, with the incorporation of graphs and statistics

At the end of Class 8, the pupils’ journey with their Class Teacher comes to an end, and they stand equipped with all the learning tools and knowledge required to become part of the Upper School.

Case Study

Understanding the World: In Geography, the Class investigates and explores the configurations and formations of the Earth’s layers and landmasses, focusing on Europe, her peoples and cultures. The Geology Main Lesson concentrates on discovering the substances and materials of land and studies the varied climates and vegetation around the world.

Practical Business Studies is to help children begin to understand how the world of business and finance works. The concepts of interest rates, percentages, discounts, exchange, G.S.T., and profit and loss are taught and practically applied as the children plan, produce and sell a product through their own business venture.

Core subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social sciences
  • Computers


  • Public speaking
  • Lifeskills
  • Business studies /Entrepreneurship
  • Arts
  • SDG

Assignment & Assessments

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