The role of primary education is to ensure broad-based learning of the child. This includes the development of social, cognitive, cultural, emotional, and physical skills

We at Golden Sparrow focus on introducing a range of subjects and themes at this stage.

It is typically the first stage of formal education for children. The goal of primary education is to impart a basic and well-balanced education. It is roughly between the ages of 5 and 11. Students are given exposure to different subjects to benefit them for their future. Primary education forms the basis and cannot be skipped, it teaches children different approaches and makes them ready for their further learning.

The curriculum of primary education is student-centric and aimed at building the fundamentals. The subjects taught are Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & SDG, English, Computers. There is an additional of Public Speaking and Arts. Second language is optional and is taught through creative means like poetry, drama, and events.

Enhanced Behavior

During primary schooling, students learn more than just writing and reading. Their personality is honed when they start interacting with other students from their own age group as they start adapting to the changes. They start to learn about being dedicated to their schedule, get disciplined and learn how to manage their time between school, studies, and playtime.

Oral Skills

At the Hub, where children are put into interaction every day, they tend to become outspoken and have a good command of the language. As they are exposed to communication regularly from the age of 3, when the language development is at its peak, they become well-versed and speak fluently.


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social sciences
  • Computers
  • Public speaking
  • Lifeskills

Assignment & Assessments

The Hub Schoolers will learn to collaborate on projects, their formative assessments will be quizzes, extempores, nature and museum tours, and more.

The core idea of assignments would be to enhance learning.

There would also be periodic exams, flip classes, summative assessments, and student grades.

The key is the feedback that teachers give to the students.

We use collaborative tools to share and collect assignments.

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