Education 3.0

Often I wonder how or rather what will shape the Education 3.0 ?
Pandemic did for sure.
Ed-tech like #Byju#21K schools, #NEXT are on it..
Hybrid and ODL will be a force to reckon with.

Yet it all boils down to the #teacher –
The way 3 Idiots showed a #Mentor or Taare Zameen Par proved what power lies with an educator, and surprise surprise an #ART teachers from all – a subject often relegated to grades and last minutes changes in time table..

The new education 3.0 will challenge all of that. I have seen Arts teach more about life than Coding and #Drama create more love for language than 10 years of 3rd language forced on a student…

#Education 3.0 will be a student centric, passion focused and creative learning – it could be an ATE any time schooling or even an unschooling like Golden Sparrow Hub Schooling or a very unconventional place of learning like #SonamWangchuk‘s Leh and yes very likely a professor or mentor based program like #Jeffery Sach’s SDGs institute in Malaysia…

World is ready for Education 3.0

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