I remember 1997, on a hot summer day, dragging my feet lazily to go to a #tuition class for a subject I hated with the only saving grace that Sonia would also be there! So when #LIDO Learning build up its online tuition service, I knew they had hit a gold pot at the end of the rainbow.

What are the parameters that made LIDO so #successful?
Is it because the model is so customized and run by expert #teachers monitored by specialized observers?
Maybe because the tuition world is up and running and will continue to do so?
The pandemic pushed the boundaries and access to teachers?
Or may be the founder and #CEO Sahil Sheth is an ex-#Byju lead? Love his practice of meeting teachers in the regular virtual #Staffroom meetings.
It could be that the ever-smiling and shrewd #Ronnie Screwvala has invested!

So what happened to a sound #business model, with the right backing, great team, led by a good brain and congruent with the rise of #unicorn in the #ed-tech wave?
Was it over evaluation, or an unstable market, too many small players emerging, or impatient #investors?
Maybe we are speculating and there is a merger on cards or a big buy-out.

So let’s wait for the conclusion. This is a strong message that ed-tech may be on the rise but the fall is steep too. While I have fingers crossed for an organization I truly admire, we wish the best for LIDO learning and await the new #Education 3.0 to bring sincere and progressive change.

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