Golden Sparrow Hubschooling has a carefully crafted curriculum for primary and pre-primary education. We accept students from all over the globe. Please contact us to know more about the curriculum and boards relevant to different geographies.

Assignment & Assessments

The Hub Schoolers will learn to collaborate on projects, their formative assessments will be quizzes, extempores, nature and museum tours and more.

The core idea of assignments would be to enhance learning.

There would also be periodic exams, flip classes, summative assessments and student’s grades.

The key is the feedback that teachers’ give to the students.

We use collaborative tools to share and collect assignments.


We prepare the students for life.

However, in the common interest, we shall be using CBSE and Cambridge resources.

The students will have an opportunity to prepare for Open Schooling Examinations (NIOS) or a Cambridge IGCSE exams as a private candidate.

Note: The IGCSE needs criteria to be met including course fees, exam fees, exam center, and availability of a school accredited by CAIE that accepts private candidates.

Sports & Activities

While the program is online, we believe fitness is an equal part of the growing curriculum.

Remember, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

We intend have a fitness routine and challenges as a part of the course.


The primary and secondary classes are arranged in batches.


Age group : 6 - 8 years

Violet is the youngest group. The focus here is on foundational learning, story-telling, and basics. Science and Maths are taught through STEM activities. We use the Life Skills curriculum for teaching 21st-century learning skills. The Violets are the youngest batch of the Hub School.


Age group : 9 - 11 years

Blue caters to the middle age group of kids. These are the building up years. The core focus of the Blue group is language development, writing efficiency, and spoken English. We use games, activities, and quizzes to create excitement among the students.


Age group – 12-14 years

Yellow is the highest level of the Hub School. These are adolescent years and the focus of learning is gearing towards the boards. Confidence in language, proficiency in STEM, and essential life skills are the main focus of this batch.